Thursday, May 8, 2008


Thanks for stopping by to check us out. Our blog will keep you informed of our progress and happenings while we grow. We hope you'll check back often to see what the next crazy adventure brings. We've had quite a few leading up to now.....

The dream of a catering company began three years ago when Laurie finished pastry school. That was after a B.A. from Tufts in Psychology and an Associates in Culinary Arts from the CIA. Friends and family had been enjoying her food for years as she tried out new recipes and beautiful presentations. One day while working at a bakery in California it hit her... why not open a catering company and share her wonderful food and amazing pastries with everyone!

Joe was living the good life in Miami. He left his comfortable and exciting job spending endless hours in front of dual computer screens to try his hand at owning a business. He's never worked in the culinary industry, but he does love to eat. He thought opening a catering company would be a wonderful idea. Laurie's culinary and pastry knowledge combined with his financial background would make a perfect pairing.

And so the idea of a catering company was born. A few months of construction and you're open, right? Wrong! We've learned through this whole process that everything takes time. Time to plan, time to design, time to build, time to.... you name it, it takes time. Even naming the company takes time... one year in fact. I guess you could call us persistent, or crazy, we've heard both. We just like to do things right... the first time!

And so this week marks the official opening of cocoa & fig. It's been a long, difficult journey, but we made it! Tomorrow is our first Farmer's Market in Prior Lake. We're anxious and excited to make our debut. We hope you'll join us!


Anonymous said...

This sounds COCOAFIG-LICIOUS! What a grreat idea! One question - Do you guys make deliveries?!?

KampCook said...

I would like to say that your display tent was the best at the Farmer's Market.
My daughter bought a few items and I was able to get a bite or two from her. We tried the 'Fresh Fruit Tart' - EXCELLENT. The 'Cocoa Bites' - the best chocolate in town. 'French Macarons' - I haven't tried this before, but I will definitely be back for more. 'Yogurt, Granola and Berry Parfait' this is the only one I can't comment on, because my daughter ate it all.
Excellent food with great service. I hope your first day at the Market went well. Best of luck through out the summer.

Anonymous said...

So do you guys deliver? huh? Do ya? Maybe international??

Unknown said...

The website looks great! Where can I get a Cocoa & Fig t-shirt?

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