Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hibiscus Cupcakes

What do you order for dessert when having a Hawaiian themed party? Why Hibiscus Flower Cupcakes!! We created these little hibiscus flowers to top our yummy cupcakes. Flavors include vanilla bean with vanilla bean icing, dark chocolate fudge with chocolate satin icing and carrot cake with lemon cream cheese icing.

Here's some wonderful feedback from the client:

"Hi Laurie! Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that the cupcakes were perfect! They were as cute as could be and as you could tell, worked out as both the centerpieces and dessert! The flavors were all a hit---I had chocolate and ate every crumb and petal! My grandchildren each had one also after the shower. Luckily one is a chocolate lover and one is a vanilla lover, as there was only one chocolate cupcake left!!! My granddaughter wanted to keep the flower (because it was SO pretty) to put up in her new room.....she's going to be 7 next month!!!"

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