Wednesday, March 4, 2009

flourless chocolate cake

We get a lot of questions about our photography. Everyone wants to know who takes the shots. All the photos posted on this blog were taken by Cocoa & Fig. Actually, the resident photographer is Joe himself.

We have no formal training nor do we know what we are doing half the time. We just want to take photos that represent what we do. We use a Canon SD800 IS, but other than that there is no fancy equipment.

We try to set up our shoots when there is good natural lighting. And we do think ahead in terms of styling. We don't use photoshop or any other editing software. I probably should, but just don't have the time between cooking, party planning and overall business running.

We just take a lot of shots and hope that sometimes we get the shot we were hoping for. After 4 flourless chocolate cakes and 200+ pictures, I got a few that tell a story. And I'm happy with that!

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