Saturday, April 25, 2009

Flip Flop Cupcakes

We were contacted by a past client to create some cute treats for a Mexico reunion party she was throwing. A bunch of friends had traveled to Mexico in February and were now getting back together to tell stories, share pictures and have a few margaritas! Inspired by our flip flop cake, the client asked us to create flip flop cupcakes. We were more than thrilled to test our creativity with these beach themed treats!

First, we made flip flops.... lots of flip flops.

Then we dipped our frosted cupcakes in crushed graham crackers and added paper parasols along with our flip flop sandals for a super cute beach themed cupcake.

Add a few margaritas and I think these cupcakes are ready to party!


ml said...

I've realized I love everything that has to do with flip flops.. these look fantastically tasty!!!

Carrie L Wynder said...

I love the flip flop cupcakes! What did you use to make the flip flops? I would love to make these for my daughter's birthday in the summer.

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