Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hello Spring, We're Back!

Hello our dedicated readers!  Wait; are any of you still here?  So sorry for the long absence, I never intended to take such a hiatus from writing on here.  As most of you know, we opened our first retail location last February and there was a lot of work to be done to get up and running.  And then there were the products to bake, the deliveries to make, the invoicing and bill paying to do, the list goes on and on.  We were so busy with filling orders that our online presence needed to take a break.  Or perhaps that was me that needed the break!

In any event, we’re back on track now and our new goal is to write at least twice a week.  But don’t worry if we miss a day, more than likely we’re in the kitchen icing cupcakes or decorating a wedding cake and are covered from head to toe in buttercream.  Computers and buttercream don’t mix by the way, but that’s another story!

You may have noticed the new blog design.  We wanted the look of the website and blog to be more cohesive and we think Keely from Luxe & Lillies did a great job.

On our new and improved blog, you’ll read all about the amazing weddings we’ve attended and the dessert table we created for them.  You’ll get to know our clients and why they chose Cocoa & Fig as their dessert caterer.  And we promise to post lots and lots of pictures.........


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Anonymous said...

So excited to see new blog updates. I love checking in to see your latest work! You guys were a huge part of our special day and I love to see what you do for others!

-Anna B., www.writingthislife.com

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