Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gourmet S'mores Bar by Cocoa & Fig

We had the chance to debut our Gourmet S'mores Bar at the Independent Wedding Association's Groom's Night event - and what a success!  Check out their blog for a recap along with highlights and photos of all the participants.

Attendees enjoyed the interactive s'mores dessert option with house-made graham crackers, three different types of Ghiradelli chocolate to choose from, and locally produced marshmallows in raspberry, chocolate, and vanilla bean.  If the only marshmallows you've ever had were the ones that come in a bag, wait until you indulge in a made-from-scratch variety! And we guarantee that when you try our graham crackers, you'll never go back to the blue box again.

We also made ribbon-tied S'mores guest favors so guests could re-create the fun at home.  What a perfect sweet treat to leave your guests with at the end of a fun-filled celebration.  They'll thank you for weeks to come!

These wonderful photos were taken by Sarah McGee Photography

Gourmet S'mores Bar

S'mores Buffet Table by Cocoa & Fig

S'mores Take Home Guest Favor

Gourmet Chocolate for S'mores Station

Made-from-scratch Raspberry Marshmallows for S'mores

Interactive S'mores Station

Indoor S'mores Marshmallow Toasting

Gourmet S'mores by Cocoa & Fig

Photography: Sarah McGee Photography
S'mores Bar: Cocoa & Fig


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Coco Cake Land said...

egads, i love s'mores... such a cute idea, and executed so adorably! ^__^

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