Friday, December 9, 2011

Cocoa & Fig in Southwest Newspapers

We're honored to be featured in Southwest Newspapers today!  Reporter Leah Shaffer visited the Cocoa & Fig Shakopee production kitchen to interview Laurie and Joe, and check out all of the new holiday items baking in the kitchen.  The article titled Cocoa & Fig offers seasonal goodies, with a twist was printed in the Let's Go section of all Southwest Newspapers including the Eden Prairie News, Savage Pacer, Chaska Herald, and more.  Here's a short excerpt:

If you’re the type who’s ever yawned at the usual offering of sugar cookies and gingerbread, Cocoa & Fig’s holiday treats might be the menu to check out.

The bakery specializes in “just making things a little bit more gourmet than maybe grandma made them but still have some flavors that are reminiscent of what you had when you were a kid,” Pyle said.

For example, salted caramel is the popular treat this season.

“We are doing our salted caramel nut tarts which is sort of a kicked up version of a pecan pie,” Pyle said. Cocoa & Fig’s head pastry chef is allergic to pecans. “So maybe selfishly, I wanted something that didn’t have pecans,” she added.

Another classic with a twist: chewy, chocolate ginger cookies.

Cocoa & Fig’s recipe adds Valrhona cocoa powder and 70 percent chocolate chunks with crystallized ginger. Definitely not your grandma’s gingerbread man.

Photos by Leah Shaffer of Southwest Newspapers


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