Wednesday, January 4, 2012

5 Most Popular Desserts of 2011

As I look back fondly on 2011, there are so many delightful baking memories, dessert creations, and flavors that stand out in my mind.  Our customers have provided kind compliments and great feedback on some of these creations so we thank you for those and always take them into consideration when coming up with the next C&F treat. So without further ado, we introduce the official list of the most popular Cocoa & Fig desserts of 2011.  And don't worry, these aren't going anywhere in 2012!  Were these your favorites too?

Top 5 Desserts of 2011 - Berries and Cream Cake
Photo by Brandon Werth Photography

5. Berries & Cream Cake
Who doesn't love the classic combination of fresh berries and whipped cream? No one!  That's why this cake is the most chosen for celebrations and small gatherings. We make our fresh Vanilla Bean Cake with Madagascar vanilla beans and layer it with fresh whipped cream and fresh sliced strawberries, then ice the whole thing with our vanilla bean buttercream.  It's heavenly

Top 5 Desserts of 2011 - Sinfully Chocolate Cupcakes
Photo by Laura Ivanova Photography

4. Sinfully Chocolate Cupcake
For the true chocolate lovers out there, our Sinfully Chocolate cupcake has been a dream come true. We make our moist and delicious Valrhona Chocolate Cake, then fill it with creamy ganache and top it with chocolate buttercream.  And if that wasn't enough - we dip the top in ganache.  This indulgent cupcake is perfect for a much-needed (and well deserved!) chocolate fix.

Top 5 Desserts of 2011 - Banana Pudding Dessert Shooters
Photo by Sewell Photography

3. Southern Banana Pudding Layered Dessert Shooter
This dessert is so good that it was featured on the Cooking Channel’s Food(ography) show back in September. The episode, Sugar, showcased our Southern Banana Pudding Dessert Shooters which are made by layering rich vanilla bean custard, fresh bananas, crushed Nilla Wafer cookies, and fresh whipped cream.  The shooter cups with tiny spoons are an adorable addition to any dessert table.

Top 5 Desserts of 2011 - Black Velvet Cake Lollipop
Photo by Jessica Smith Photography

2. Black Velvet Cake Lollipop
The Cake Lollipop is a customer favorite – not only with kids, but among adults too. Our decadent cake and buttercream icing is combined and rolled into a ball then dipped in milk, dark, or white chocolate. The Black Velvet Cake Lollipop has been the best selling flavor at our retail shop, for special event orders, and for wedding dessert tables.

Top 5 Desserts of 2011 - Salted Caramel French Macaron
Photo by Studio Laguna

1. Salted Caramel French Macaron
The festive Parisian sandwich cookie – the French Macaron - has really grown in popularity this year, and the Salted Caramel flavor is definitely number 1.  Two caramel meringue cookies are sandwiched with caramel buttercream icing with a touch of fleur de sel and rich caramel in the center.  It has everything you'd love in a great dessert - sweet caramel, creamy buttercream, chewy cookie, and a hint of salt.

2011 Honorable Mention Desserts

Honorable Mentions:
  Top Wedding Mini Dessert - Fresh Fruit Tartlet
  Top Seasonal Flavor ~ Pumpkin Cake Lollipop
  Top Whole Dessert ~ Flourless Chocolate Cake

Hope you had the chance to try all of these treats in 2011, and if not, there's always this year!


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