Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cocoa & Fig featured in the Star Tribune: Good restaurants in the Minneapolis skyways

The Cocoa & Fig retail shop was in the spotlight in the Star Tribune Taste section this week as one of Rick Nelson's picks for good restaurants in the Minneapolis skyway.  He called us the "Sweet Spot" of the skyway!

Minneapolis Bakery in the Skyway - Cocoa & Fig

From the article:
How many downtowners know that one of the Twin Cities’ best bakeries is parked on a skyway? It’s Cocoa & Fig, and the tiny Gaviidae shop is the source for a slim but wickedly tempting array of imaginative cupcakes (pick up C&F’s luscious riff on the Hostess fudge classic), cookies (it’s easy to fall for the scalloped-edged faux Oreos) and festive cake lollipops. The four-packs of bouchons, intensely chocolate-ey cork-shaped brownies, are ideal $5 gifts, or, better yet, as a midafternoon indulgence.

 Read more at the Star Tribune website.


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