Monday, February 9, 2009

Black Velvet

Our "Black Velvet" cake and cupcake flavor has been getting a lot of attention lately, so I thought I'd share the story with you. I discovered this beauty after a client asked us to make red velvet cupcakes for her wedding. I scoured recipes and set out on a mission to create the most amazing red velvet cake ever. Now, I'd eaten plenty of red velvet cake and I always had one complaint. There was so much food coloring in the mix that my mouth would turn a shade of red. Not wanting to inflict this on anyone, I was determined to create a cake that would not stain your mouth. I also wanted a super chocolaty cake and most recipes called for a measly few tablespoons of cocoa powder.

And not all cocoa powders are created equal (more on that in a later post). We use Valrhona cocoa powder and lots of it! So in short, our Black Velvet cake is based on a traditional red velvet recipe, but contains around 1/2 the amount of coloring and twice the amount of cocoa. It's become our best seller and I think you'll like it too! As you can see, the cake has a nice bordeaux color, but since Bordeaux Velvet didn't sound quite as appealing, we settled on Black Velvet.

Oh yeah, we always using Cream Cheese Icing for this cake. Mmmmm...

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