Monday, March 26, 2012

Featured in MSP Weddings - A Cake Tasting With Cocoa & Fig

Are you wondering what a wedding dessert tasting consultation with Cocoa & Fig is like?  Real Bride blogger Sara Boyd from MSP Weddings magazine recently had a tasting appointment with us and talked about her experience in a blog post. We're happy to read that she was quite pleased with the overall experience, personal attention, and scrumptious desserts that were provided. Read an excerpt from her post below:

Cocoa & Fig Cupcakes for Wedding Dessert Tasting
Mini Desserts for Wedding Dessert Tasting

Half of the duo, Joe Lin, immediately came to meet us in the hallway. He gave us a warm welcome and ushered us into one of their tasting rooms before we dug into the good stuff. One of the things I truly appreciated in talking with Joe was learning about his business and having the time to really get to know what Cocoa & Fig was all about.

He started with, perhaps, the most important story—the one of how he first met and fell in love with Laurie Pyle (co-owner of Cocoa and Fig). He told us about their journey through the culinary world, and the financial district, and how it took them several different places until they landed here. Laurie, a Shakopee native, took her passion for cooking and baking and combined it with Joe’s business knowledge and financial skills to open up a bakery off the beaten path, but still within the metro. The two are in the midst of planning a wedding themselves (yay!) so truly understand the needs and wants of a future bride and groom.

I absolutely loved the fact that Joe asked us about our story: how we met, how wedding planning was going, and what we wanted for our special day. I won’t name names but I can’t tell you how many vendors we’ve met with that treated us like just another number. I completely understand that everyone is running a business and at the end of the day, that’s the bottom line, but when it comes to being a wedding vendor, I feel like you need to make a special effort.

For most of us, we’re only planning to have one wedding (knock on wood) so even though we may be the 20th bride you’ve seen this week, it’s important to make us feel like we’re the only one. And that’s just what Cocoa & Fig did. At no point did they rush us or tell us they had another appointment waiting in the wings. The entire meeting was a treat—and speaking of treats, let’s dive into the good stuff.

The tasting at Cocoa & Fig is no joke. Joe brought us two plates full of his incredible desserts. Some may scoff at the notion that they charge $30 for their tastings but after seeing the spread, it’s well worth the money

We left completely stuffed, on a slight sugar high, and extremely excited to have a chance to work with such passionate people. And while we initially struggled to make a decision on which vendor to choose, we quickly discovered choosing between these incredible desserts is much more difficult. Still, at least the food coma provides a nice distraction.

Read more at MSP Weddings Real Bride blog.

Thank you to Sara Boyd (and her fiance Tom) for the kind words and great review.  We look forward to being part of your big day!


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