Monday, March 9, 2009

First Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

We had the honor of creating the cutest cake and cupcakes for a little boy, Ryder's, first birthday. Ryder's mom sent us pictures of the invitations and decorations she had ordered for the festivities. The cute numbers below were made into "flags" for the cupcakes by attaching them to wooden skewers.

We covered the cake and cupcakes in tinted blue and green buttercreams to match the party's color scheme. The little 6" cake is for the birthday boy to smash!

Flavors included 1 dozen each of vanilla-vanilla, chocolate-chocolate,
vanilla-chocolate, and chocolate-vanilla.

We sprinkled the tinted buttercreams with colored sanding sugar to resemble sparkly glitter. Happy 1st Birthday Ryder!


ml said...

these look magnificent!!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding! Yum, yum!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding! Yum, yum!

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