Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We created this amazing Volcano Cake for a 5-year-old Birthday Party. Chloe, the birthday girl, loves to watch Ace of Cakes... don't we all! So for her Hawaiian Themed party she suggested a Volcano Cake... so fun! The top tier is a functioning volcano complete with dry ice. Check out some of the amazing detail Joe included in the design......

A sun umbrella, flip flops and surfboard are set in the sandy beach. It's really just brown sugar, but it looks so real!

The treasure map inspired sign we made to wish Chloe a very Happy 5th Birthday!

The back side of the cake showing more of the spectacular details Joe included.

The active volcano about to erupt with the help of some dry ice!


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Anonymous said...

How do you do the dry ice to make like smoke? Thanks!

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