Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hand Painted Old World Map Cake

We've been at it again... making cakes that is! Here is an amazing cake and I'm giving all the credit to Joe. I'm not sure if our readers know this, but Joe doesn't have any formal culinary background. He'll tell you that he does love to eat, which I admit is an important element of owning a food related business. But his artistic abilities are far more advanced than mine. I may be able to bake a cake, ice, stack it and cover it in fondant. But the real magic begins when Joe is able to transform a plain cake into a work of art.

The couple that ordered this cake came to visit us back in March. They met in Germany while attending a camp a couple of years ago. He's originally from Canada and she from the States. They had a wonderful idea to create a cake that resembled an Old World Globe to represent the different places they had been. We absolutely loved the idea!

And so we set out to decide the best way to execute this cake. The couple mentioned they preferred light, muted colors which would match the decor at their reception site, The Semple Mansion. I marbled the fondant with pale pinks and orange and then handed the blank canvas over to Joe. A little nervous, I left the room and let him concentrate. I guess he would doodle the world map in middle school and said he could hand paint the continents. "Really?", I asked. I was going to have to see this to believe it.

He wasn't joking. When I returned a couple of hours later he had finished hand painting the entire world onto two tiers of cake. Absolutely marvelous!


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Kate F said...

what a great cake! i recently had the idea to create a world map cake for my wedding and when i googled it, came upon your blog. i hope you don't mind that i'm going to show your photos to the bakery i'm working with...hopefully it turns out just as nicely!

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